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Friday, November 19, 2010

Snow Lotus Yeast Enzyme (天山雪莲)

This is an enzyme drink was recommended by Karen, my colleague.  It just like any enzyme drinks (sourness, alcohol taste due to fermentation, etc).  In addition to that, the Snow Lotus plant is said to contain medicinal properties and was used for centuries by medical practitioners in China and Tibet to cure diseases and enhance health.  The enzyme is fermented and harvested from the yeast of the Snow Lotus. I got some yeast from Karen and made it at home.

Tools that you need for the entire process:
1. Plastic bucket (for mixing brown sugar with filtered water)
2. Plastic filters
3. Wooden/plastic spatula (for diluting brown sugar with filtered water)
4. Small rice bowl
5. 3L glass container with plastic, screwed on cover (for fermentation)
6. A funnel (for pouring the enzyme into glass bottles)

Ingredients and procedures:
1. Clean the glass container
2. The ingredients should be mixed in the following proportions:
§  3 bowls of Snow Lotus yeast
§  500 g of brown sugar (Thai brown sugar @ RM2.40/pkt)
§  1.5 liters of filtered water
3. Mix brown sugar with 1.5 liters of filtered water.  Use the wooden spatula for stirring and crushing the sugar while mixing:
4.You need to close and tighten the lid once, open it then close and tighten it again.  Place it in a cool & dry place away from direct sunlight for 3 days (72 hours) (e.g. you start on Saturday night 9pm, next harvesting day will be Wednesday before 9pm) until the next harvest.

You may wash the yeast every time or after every 5th harvest, rinse the yeast using filtered water.  If you plan to stop the fermentation/harvesting for a short period (say you have holiday plans, or not free, etc), you can store the yeast in the refrigerator up to 3 months.

Things to note during the process are as per below:
1. The enzyme should not have any contact with metal
2. The bottle storing the enzyme should have a screwed on cap so that it can be allowed to breathe, glass bottle is the best
3. Instruments should never have any contact with oil
4. The longer you ferment, the more sour the enzyme.

Things to note for consumers:
1. This drink can be taken before or after meals, more than once a day (Gastric patients should consume after meals)
2. Consumer has coronary diseases and asthmatic patients should dilute the enzyme with water before drinking.
3. Not suitable for pregnant ladies but can be taken 3 months after delivery
4. Enzyme should be drank 4 hours later after consuming tuber crops (such as potatoes)
5. This drink is a bit "heaty" therefore drink lots of water.  Coconut water helps as well.

Updates as of 23rd Aug 2010

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